Pretty late because I'm busy as hell but nvm.

Also I'm starting to learn concept art. Fun. 

His Highness. My king Loki. For a friend.
I took reference from David.
Generally just my favorite looks from the New York runway.

But they shot us down.

Here's a story
About a little girl that lives in a blue world,
And all day and all night and everything she sees
Is just blue like her inside and outside.

Lady Mischief, aka Lady Loki in Oscar de la Renta Pre-Spring 2013.

Inspired by my friend's uniform.

I wake up wanting to avoid everybody. I don't like having people around me but I don't like being lonely. But there is a thin line of having people around and still feeling lonely difference from having nobody around but feeling happy (usually that means my family is in the next room and I'm sitting comfortably alone in my room drawing or studying).

Some things I'll never understand,
So where the bullets missed you out,
They hit me and I'm falling down again.

The Kooks is the best hands down.

Antler, my gift for a cousin.

Somebody please take Bucky away from me please.

I want to draw fashion but my internet is so slow I couldn't save those HC & FW14 photos, jeez.
Pretty much all I've been doing these days. I'll back when I finished maybe 3 books or when is it fashion week.

Zimmermann S/S 2014

I'm sorry I didn't reply comments a long time. I promise I will but my internet lately is so fucked up I don't know what's happening with it anymore. Even Facebook is slow, but I'm too lazy to change provider.