Introducing print shop

As you can see, I've added (a lot) of "Buy my print" banner in my blog. When you clicked it, it will link you to my DeviantArt print shop. I'll upload my artwork, and you could buy prints though their shop (with the highest quality of course!) because I can't find anywhere here offered high quality print and artwork shipping, but they have it all in DeviantArt.

This is the new dress print I've made. When you clicked to the artwork you will see in the right all kind of prints you can buy: Arts, Canvas, Photo with 3 different quality papers - I'd really appreciate if you buy in Canvas or Arts but let's get real haha, you can choose to buy in Photo with various prices from 1.99$ - 5x7 in to 7.99$ - 9x12 in.

You have to have an account to buy in here, but don't worry it only takes you 1min and it's very easy and safe to use (all kind of artists have using this platform since forever). You can pay by Credit Card or Paypal and they will ship my babies directly to your house. Only a few illustrations are available to print, when posted new drawing I will also link to the shop if it's available for print too.

I'm so happy now I launched this and I hope some might actually interest to buy. Though I didn't get much from this (the printing and shipping will be all them to work on, I just provide the artwork), I will be able to spread my art though (◕‿◕✿)

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  1. Great ;)

  2. Love them! I'm really tempted... I might consider buying some for my friend's birthday/christmas. She loves fashion and I think she'd really like a print of one of your gorgeous designs. xx

  3. This is such a good idea! You're so talented and I can definitely see people buying your work!
    - Charlotte

  4. Amazing drawings!

    xx Mounia

  5. woow, I adore your designs soo much! You are very artistic and talented Ö!


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