Summer's in the air and baby heaven's in your eyes

In my sketchbook: 
Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2010 by John Galliano

Lately I've been watching Sebastian Stan's movies hie hie. I like him so much. Since it's summer break I have time to go out more and I'm extremely happy. What plans do you have for summer?

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  1. I have a very busy summer lined up... but first, exams! ugh.
    Love this illustration, and Lana of course. Hope you're having a good week! x

  2. Oh I hear you, I so plan on spending more time outside.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. WOW, what a great illustration! Glad I clicked on your comment on KARLA'S CLOSET's blog and got led back here to yours. Your blog's pics and layouts are great too, keep it up! Just followed on GFC and bloglovin' <3 Also, you should check out my newest OOTD featuring ALEXANDER WANG, mixed FRIEZE art fair 2014 in NYC coverage, talk about mixing fashion with art, guaranteed to include the best of weirdest contemporary art you'd ever feast your eyes upon. I dare you to be provoked, haha! #FRIEZE
    xx The Provoker

  4. This illustration is perfect, babe.
    By the way, this is Joana from

    A Fashion Life

  5. Amazing illustration!!! <3
    You are VERY talented!!!!!!!

  6. I like Sebastian Stan too from Gossip Girl and Once Upon a Time, what movies does he act in. Your stunning illustrations makes me miss Galliano's days at Dior.

  7. So so beautiful! You're so talented, I am going to check the rest of your blog now


  8. OMG!!! This dress is amazing!!!! I'm big fan of your illustration!

  9. Oh wow - I think Dior should be proud :)

  10. oh wow, this sketch is terrific! I do love it. Thank You for sharing such a nice post, its really inspiring;)
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  11. the outfit looks so fab!


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